Chocolate Fountains, Fresh Fruit and Dipping Items Serving Minneapolis, St Paul and surrounding areas. Also serving WI.

Your guests will be delighted and awed by 22 pounds of melted chocolate cascading down a tiered chocolate fountain. Watch your guests as they mingle around the fountain, choosing their favorite dippings. Whether their favorite is marshmallows, strawberries, bananas or salted nut rolls, they will return time and again for just “one more dipping!” Compliments will abound!

Our professional attendants will assist your guests as needed and keep the table looking fresh and neat. We offer only the finest, fresh fruit and dipping items, displaying them in an attractive way that will enhance the fountain experience. If you wish to provide your own dippings, we are happy to work with you. From parties for American Idols, to large corporations, to small, intimate parties, Dippin Chocolate, will provide you and your guests with a worry-free 'show stopper' and unforgettable experience!

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What size chocolate fountain?

What size chocolate fountain do I need to accommodate my group? Let us help you determine the size fountain that’s going to work best. We have 3 different sizes that are sure to meet your needs.

Weddings & Group Events

Whether it be for your wedding, a private party or you next big event a chocolate fountain from Dippin Chocolate is sure to satisfy all.

View our Photo Gallery

See photos from many different groups and parties enjoying the wonderful taste of our chocolate fountains and wide assortment of dipping selections.